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Wine Tastings

Casual tastings every Saturday 3:00 to 5:00

 We will now be charging $5 (or so) per person for our tastings, but with this new charge comes some new flexibility. Come in, try our selections, and maybe get a half glass or so of your favorite while hanging out with friends. We'll keep it under a reasonable 9oz total (at most), but how we dispense that is now up to you. Do you want to taste each of our four wines twice? No problem. Do you just want a three ounce pour of your favorite? No problem. As long as we keep it under 9oz total for the event, you can have it your way.



Saturday May 18th: It's another comparison weekend, this week featuring stalwart West Coast champions Chardonnay & Cabernet. We've picked out a Chard and Cab each from California and Washington State to give you the chance to really taste the difference location makes in the final product.

Representing the Golden Coast, Hansen Cellars steps up with a Lodi Chardonnay, packed full of ripe tropical fruit befitting the hotter clime in Lodi. Out of Washington, the legendary Chateau Ste. Michelle rolls out a crisp, bright, leaner chard with a creamy texture midpalate from ageing on the lees (the yeast and fruit skins from fermentation).

Washington starts the Cab round with a new arrival, Silver Totem, sourced from the Wallula vineyard in the Horse Heaven Hills. The hot days and very cool nights give this Cab a rich, yet elegant texture, with lots of dark fruit and a gentle firmness to the finish. Cali goes all out, with Louis Martini's Sonoma Cabernet, one of Robert Parker's perennial favorites. This wine country winner packs the bold fruit (lots of red berries), hints of chocolate, and sweet vanilla from the bold American oak barrels for a rich, supple, almost decadent wine.

We'll head out of the States, over to Italy, for our sweet red finish, a premium Lambrusco (yes, they do exist) from Nettare di Bacco. Everything you would expect, tart fruit, fresh bubbles, and a delicate sweetness, but with more flavor than you may anticipate. Don't skip this one just because it's sweet; good sweet wines are always worth a taste.

Ashley will be your Mistress of Ceremonies this weekend; JP's off doing his annual urban planting bonanza. So if you have a few minutes this Saturday, come journey through the wonderous range of West Coast wine regions.

We'll see you at the table.

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