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Wine Tastings

Casual tastings every Saturday 3:00 to 5:00

 We will now be charging $5 (or so) per person for our tastings, but with this new charge comes some new flexibility. Come in, try our selections, and maybe get a half glass or so of your favorite while hanging out with friends. We'll keep it under a reasonable 9oz total (at most), but how we dispense that is now up to you. Do you want to taste each of our four wines twice? No problem. Do you just want a three ounce pour of your favorite? No problem. As long as we keep it under 9oz total for the event, you can have it your way.


Saturday March 23rd: It's another "Have you ever had that grape?" tasting, with fun white blends from France and Italy, and rarities from France and Chile that even JP hadn't seen before. First up, from the Lafage family, Côté Est is a Catalan blend of Grenache Blanc, Chard, and Roussanne in a swirl of fruit and flowers that begs for warm temperatures and breezy days. Casale Marchese's Frascati is a bubbly (personality that is- only a hint of bubbles in the bottle) blend of Malvasia, Trebbiano, Bonvino and Bellone that retains just enough sweetness to pair perfectly with a bitterroot salad.

Clos Cibonne's Tibouren, from Provence, is a real find. A rarity even today, this is a flavorful, smooth red built for burgers or fun fare, or just sipping and talking. Bouchon's Pais Viejo is an example of one of the oldest grape varieties found in Chile. Believed to have been brought by the Spanish to the Maule Valley back in the 1500s, this grape came from the Canary Islands! Meaty, smoky, with a ribbon of red fruits, this is just fun, no distractions, just flavor and aroma pouring out of your glass.

With such an unusual cast of characters, we had to finish with something just as unusual, so from our friend Greg Graziano in Mendocino, we're pouring his Monte Volpe Late Harvest Tocai Friulano for dessert. This was the wonderful product of a tough year, with rains that brought rot, but in Greg's case it was the Noble Rot of Botrytis Cinerea. That caused these Tocai grapes to concentrate their natural sugars to a ridiculous and unheard of level. The net result is a rich, apricot honey & caramel mix of flavors flowing slowly out of the bottle. You could even use this wine as a dessert TOPPING!

So if you have a few minutes this Saturday, we have the line up for you, one that you won't find anywhere else!

We'll see you at the table.

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