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Wine Tastings

Casual tastings every Saturday 3:00 to 5:00

 We will now be charging $5 (or so) per person for our tastings, but with this new charge comes some new flexibility. Come in, try our selections, and maybe get a half glass or so of your favorite while hanging out with friends. We'll keep it under a reasonable 9oz total (at most), but how we dispense that is now up to you. Do you want to taste each of our four wines twice? No problem. Do you just want a three ounce pour of your favorite? No problem. As long as we keep it under 9oz total for the event, you can have it your way.


Saturday September 22: It's finally fall, but still warm, so you need choices, lots of choices, for every dining and entertaining occasion. So today, we're introducing two new wines, along with some great deals, and a seasonal favorite, just for fun. Walnut Block Wines' Sauvignon Blanc, from New Zealand, has that complex mix of citrus and spice that really make Kiwi wines stand out.  Domaine Duseigneur's La Chapelle Côtes du Rhône red is a juicy blend of Grenache and Syrah, perfect for sausage or a burger off the grill at the close of summer, or just as at home with chicken salad or even a Caesar salad for a light night.

Alias Merlot might hide its' creators identity, but it can't hide the rich taste and smooth finish of a solid California red. Rocca dei Mori Salice Salentino hails from down near the eastern end of the boot heel of Italy, and crafts a plummy, earthy wine from Negroamaro and black Malvasia, for another grill friendly, but more old school wine. This wine proves you can get good taste from Europe, without having to take out a loan to enjoy it.

We'll finish up with a true Fall flavor, Leelanu Cellars' Witches Brew. This sweet, spiced red can be enjoyed chilled when it's hot out, or warmed when the evenings start to bite (Halloween is only a little over a month away, so maybe now is the time to plan?).

So join us Saturday afternoon, for a panel of potential seasonal selections.

We'll see you at the table.

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