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Wine Tastings

Saturday February 1st: JP's back to kick off the New Year of tastings, pouring some outstanding Organic wines from Argentina. Domaine Bousquet is the most awarded Organic winery in the world, having started as an Organic project from the beginning, in the 1990's. They are so dedicated to the purity of their wines, they are even Vegan friendly (which just means no egg whites are used to clarify the wines, a common natural process, but one anathema to Vegans).

We'll start out with the unoaked Chardonnay, a fruity, aromatic white with a zing; all that lovely Granny Smith apple and Anjou Pear aromas are bouyed by a crisp body that pairs beautifully with a late winter salad or any of the other low carb dishes you're currently trying at home.

The Cabernet has really turned into an unexpected superstar, with the higher altitude of the vineyards balancing the abundant sunshine to give a wonderfully rich, yet lively Cab with all flavor you could want, but none of the sugar fatigue sometimes caused by overripe grapes in hotter areas.

The Malbec is another surprise, delivering the typical Argentine bold body, with a more tempered finish for an easy second glass choice. You won't have to worry about storing open bottles of this wine: you'll find it empty before the night is out.

We'll finish with something a little sweet, the Alasia Brachetto d'Acqui, perfect for the more adult palate. With Valentine's Day only two weeks away (and on a Friday, so long weekend?), this would be the perfect gift to go with that box of chocolates.

So join Ashley, JP, and the crew for a fun start to a brand new year!

We'll see you at the table.


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