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Wine Tastings

Casual tastings every Saturday 3:00 to 5:00

 We will now be charging $5 (or so) per person for our tastings, but with this new charge comes some new flexibility. Come in, try our selections, and maybe get a half glass or so of your favorite while hanging out with friends. We'll keep it under a reasonable 9oz total (at most), but how we dispense that is now up to you. Do you want to taste each of our four wines twice? No problem. Do you just want a three ounce pour of your favorite? No problem. As long as we keep it under 9oz total for the event, you can have it your way.



SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 21ST: We're staying mostly in Europe again this week, looking to the coming fall season for some tasty pairings. The Talamonti winery's Pecorino is a great wine to start an evening, with the crisp character and light blossom aroma, everything you need to whet your appetite. Another fall favorite is a good rosé, and Chateau Miraval's new second label, Studio, is that perfect Southern French combo of citrus, mineral, and berry, all wrapped up in a pretty pink, perfectly dry finish.

Spain is always a good source of tasty reds, like the playful Protocolo, a delicious Tempranillo from the Castilla area in the east. Tons of berries, backed by light tannins, a bit of spice from the oak, and even a little mineral underneath it all give this wine way more flavor than should be allowed by law. Definitely a good choice for grilling before Halloween (or while tailgating, for all you football fans), but ready at a moment's notice, no decanting required. Our last wine actually hails from California, but it brings a little Kentucky flair, too. 1000 Stories has produced a new Bourbon barrel aged Cabernet, called Prospecters' Proof. Big, bold, and powerful, like the bison on the label, this is a seriously tasty red up for any occasion.

We'll finish with a little something different; a new flavored whisky, Select Club Pecan Praline. As tasty as a pecan pie, this is sweet but not syrupy, a perfect dessert choice with a southern style.

On a more serious note, I (JP) will be leaving Party Town as of September 30th, to pursue a new opportunity on the wholesale side of the game. I have loved working here for the last 14 plus years, discovering new flavors and experiences from around the world with you. I thank you all for sharing your time with me, your lives, and for building the community we have here at Party Town. Thank you for trusting in my selections over the years, even the weird ones! While I won't be here every day, I get the feeling you may still see me behind the table on some Saturdays {you'll just have to come every week to find out ;) }.

We'll see you at the table.

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